Training Information

Training Information

Public Notice 2012

Shaun Underwood advances education in the field of studying anomalous experience by providing a full range of hands-on training programme for prospective fieldwork team volunteers and new upcoming groups. This training is provided by qualified paranormal researchers and investigators and trainers.
Prospective volunteers attend a Training Weekend and Training Investigation before conducting research with tripa uk, this includes:

Applicant training module: Introduction to tripa UK This module introduces the applicant to the realities and responsibilities of investigating within tripa uk. This training is peer and leader assessed.

Applicant training module: Tripa UK's Methodology
This module introduces trainees to the theoretical underpinning of why PSI fieldwork does what it does.

Applicant training module: Fieldwork operations
This module is a detailed study of how fieldwork is organised and conducted. Applicants identify the importance of our methodology, ethics and investigation protocols during this module.

Applicant training module: Ethics and conduct
This module examines the nature and implications of the standardised set of ethical guidelines TRIPA UKs has adopted. The development of ethics and professional conduct are assessed.

Applicant training module: The scientific method
This module introduces trainees to the scientific method, and explores the relationship between fieldwork, science and psychical research.

Applicant training module: The Psychology of Anomalous Experience
This seminar looks at various possible psychological and physiological explanations for anomalous experiences that have been advanced.

Applicant training module: Manual Handling
As a condition of TRIPA UK's risk assessment, in compliance with the terms of our insurers.

Other training module: Private case participation
Additional training for volunteers participating in private cases. This module focuses on the needs of the client and extended training on conduct and ethical awareness.

Other training module: Observer training
On occasion TRIPA UKs permits members students to participate in its investigations. This module is a crash course in the basics of TRIPA UKs fieldwork, sufficient for the an observer to participate in a fieldwork situation without directly being involved with experimentation or equipment.

Optional Seminar: 'Orbs' "NOT PARANORMAL" - The rational explanation
This seminar delves into the various and sometimes competing natural explanations for the 'orb phenomena' and contrasts with paranormalist explanations.

You'll will be trained by some of the UKs top investigators and one of the best teams in the UK (T.R.I.P.A UK) with Shaun Underwood para.

All courses are FREE unless stated otherwise.

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